Jodie Brows Before and After

Semi Permanent Makeup
by Jerri Jones

Semi Permanent Makeup

Price List:

Powdered Eyebrows £350 

Microblading £250

Eyeliner Top OR Bottom £180

Eyeliner Top and Bottom £300

Lips From £295

(All include a 6 week top up )


Semi Permanent make-up is a type of tattooing. Microscopical particles of pigment are fused to blend naturally into the superficial layers of the skin. The treatment is therefore shallower than a normal tattoo, and the equipment is specifically designed to be less traumatic and refined than that used to carry out a conventional tattoo, which ultimately means that it is far less painful.

Although the procedure is often referred to as permanent the pigment will fade over time. Initially the colour will appear a little darker, but soon lightens within a few days. Consequently a re-touch is usually necessary 1 to 3 months post treatment, so as to facilitate perfect results, and a colour boost every 12-18 months will ensure that your enhancement remains immaculate.